Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB2.5 and Multicore
Author Michael Ludwig
Michael Ludwig schrieb am 11.06.2010 um 13:13 (+0200):
> Nico Callewaert schrieb am 10.06.2010 um 11:53 (+0200):
> > I was wondering if FB 2.5 can work with multicore servers ? I'm a
> > bit puzzled in this way : what if Classic server is installed, there
> > will be several FB processes running.
> Yes, and with SuperClassic as well, which allows FB to use several
> cores.

To clarify this somewhat blurry statement: Classic and SuperClassic
allow FB to safely use more than core on SMP. Classic achieves this by
having multiple processes handle one attachment each, SuperClassic does
so by means of multiple threads in one process.

Michael Ludwig