Subject RE: [firebird-support] upgrade to Firebid to 2.1.3 - Email found in subject
Author Leyne, Sean

> On a windows 2000 server I have the Firebird 2.05 installed and the 2.0 odbc
> driver. I have done an ugrade to Firebid to 2.1.3 version . Now when I tried
> to connect to a database from the Windows ODBC management page or
> from an application I have an error " Open database
> 'Server:E:\fcas\Tourisme.gdb' Failed!", but if I open the same database from
> IBEXPERT all work well !!
> where is the problem?
> I also done a test with the last odbc version, but no difference.

See if there are any entries in the firebird.log file.

Have you tried connecting to the database using non-ODBC tools, to see if the engine is running correctly?