Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird and a temporary data
Author Michael Ludwig
ik schrieb am 24.05.2010 um 15:16:01 (+0300):

> I have a requirement to save data that will be shared by few processes
> for an X amount of time, like 5 minutes or 20 minutes etc... Because I
> use Firebird on this project, and it can help me also remove some race
> condition on such information I'm saving, I wish to create a table for
> it in the database.

Your choice, but it sounds like a case for memcached or something
similar, which lets you set an expiry time on data.

> Is there a way in Firebird to tell it to store information only for
> specific amount of time (the table should remain, but not the
> content), so every X amount of time from insert it will delete all of
> the data that are 5 minutes old and older, or should I create a kind
> of daemon in Linux for it and do it outside ?

It would surprise me if there were such a facility in Firebird. I think
you would have to write a daemon for that, or maybe just use crond.

Michael Ludwig