Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: > Hi, > > I have a stored procedure, which is inserting/deleting some records fo
Author Michael Ludwig
ardatun schrieb am 25.05.2010 um 11:13:37 (-0000):

> After spending 2 hours with my 12 tables, more than 60 triggers with
> them, and with many other tables inside of those triggers, I still
> can't find out why a single procedure still gives "insufficent SQL
> rights" error. The error message I receive is insufficient and I can't
> find out which object cannot access the table mentioned. It just says
> "SP_TEST has insufficient SQL rights".

You should have, or write a script for ISQL to set up your DDL including
privileges and all.

In that script, you're free to insert diagnostic messages along with
statements provoking the error. Also, you'll see line numbers.

And what does SHOW GRANT say?

You could post that script here, in a simplified form, removing
everything that is irrelevant to the problem, such as columns. Boil it
down to the minimum needed to produce the error. In the process of doing
so, it is not unlikely that you will discover the error yourself.

Michael Ludwig