Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Starting a UTF-16 Project
Author Milan Babuskov
inoffensive_2009 wrote:
> Thanks Milan:
> I'll be developing with Microsoft's Visual Studio 2008 Pro, and will move to the new VS 2010 at some point.
> This will be a GUI desktop application

Using which toolkit? MFC? Qt? WinAPI directly? something else?

I'm asking because many toolkits provide a way to translate strings
between UTF8 and UTF16 character sets.

> IBPP is the only Firebird specific library I'm using.

Firebird library is really not interesting here. You'll get the data
from IBPP into std::string in the charset you specified for connection
(IBPP::Database constructor). You'll want to translate string between
that and character set used by your operating system.

Milan Babuskov

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