Subject Re: [firebird-support] UNQ problems ...
Author Jorge Andrés Brugger
El 10/05/2010 04:06 p.m., Helen Borrie escribió:
> At 06:20 AM 11/05/2010, you wrote:
>> Invalid insert or update value(s): object columns are
>> constrained - no 2 table rows can have duplicate column values.
>> attempt to store duplicate value (visible to active transactions) in
>> There are no other users connected, and I´m even restarted Firebird with
>> same results.
>> Using Firebird 2.1.1 on Ubuntu Server 9.04
>> Am I missing something?
> It means the engine cannot build the unique index, because you already have duplicates in the column CODIGO_PLAN_FARMACLICK.
> I notice CODIGO_PLAN_FARMACLICK is smallint. Do you realise that a UNIQUE constraint on that column will limit your table to 32K rows?
> ./hb

The data shown is the data the table has now. There is no duplicate
values for the smallint field. It´s not expected to have more records
than it actually has.

Any other tip?


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