Subject RE: [firebird-support] embed 2.1.3 not working sometimes
Author Alan McDonald
> Sorry for re-posting in other group but until now no help. So, I use fb
> 2.1.3 embed to deply samll app on windows. It works well on about >90%
> of pcs, but on some don't. I noticed 2 kind of problems: 1) firebird
> server is not installed (???) and

this first error comes from not having the visual c runtime libraries
installed on the PC. The user must run the msi which comes with the embedded
library zip file. Read the relase notes on this subject.

> 2) when there is regular (not embed)
> FB 1.5 already installed, application is trying to use system
> gde32.dll, and than there is error "unsupported on disk structure".

If you place your embedded library correctly adjacent to your application,
the embedded lib wil be found BEFORE any ptehr li in the system32 dir.
Again, read the release notes which explains the required file positions for
a correct installation.

> Can someone help with this ?
> Regards
> Zoran