Subject Re: [firebird-support] udf and iostream problem
Author Aurimas ńĆernius

> I tried ldd before and after the "include<iostream>"
> the result is the same:
> => (0xb7f12000)
> => /lib/ (0xb7dd9000)
> => /lib/ (0xb7db3000)
> /lib/ (0xb7f13000)

I think there should be libstdc++ here as well. That might be the case.

> I simplified the code, now it is:
> include<iostream>
> char* edb_getComputerName(){
> return 0;
> }
> and the generated library ca not be loaded in firebird.
> If I build it as an application - it works normally !!!

What does ldd say for that application?

> I tried to run firebird service as root - jut to check, but the library
> still can not be loaded.

There shouldn't be any difference between root and non-root.