Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Hundreds of Generators
Author Venus Software Operations
Hi Lester

Currently yes only one person is entering the Batch details but that
might changed. I am sorry I am not able to visualize what you mean by
"case a simple table entry which can be locked with a unique index", if
you could please expand it for me that will be great.

This table that received the generated number is the Batch Numbers table
itself and all batch related records point to it's iID

Searching the group I found which was an
overkill in my case as I don't have to give an audit per se, so this in
it's own might not be the perfect alternative, but yes I do need
unbroken numbers.

Thanks and regards

On 29/04/2010 01:12 pm, Lester Caine wrote:
> venussoftop wrote:
> > It think it is necessary, from my POV, please correct me if I am
> thinking wrong. The numbers are for batch no. of pharmacy products and
> numbering is restarted every financial year and because they are used
> on consumer readable labels I need them as integers. The generated
> numbers look like this finally ITM001-505-09/10 where ITM001 is the
> product code, 505 the generator number and 09/10 the financial year.
> Using generators for that does sound something of overkill.
> I'm sure you only have one person inputting batch details at a time?
> In which
> case a simple table entry which can be locked with a unique index will
> do the
> job. You will have to have a table of 'batch numbers' anyway and if
> the odd
> 'missing number' in a sequence is still a problem, then there are
> various notes
> around on 'auditable sequences' which don't need lots of generators.
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