Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Hundreds of Generators
Author Lester Caine
venussoftop wrote:
> It think it is necessary, from my POV, please correct me if I am thinking wrong. The numbers are for batch no. of pharmacy products and numbering is restarted every financial year and because they are used on consumer readable labels I need them as integers. The generated numbers look like this finally ITM001-505-09/10 where ITM001 is the product code, 505 the generator number and 09/10 the financial year.

Using generators for that does sound something of overkill.

I'm sure you only have one person inputting batch details at a time? In which
case a simple table entry which can be locked with a unique index will do the
job. You will have to have a table of 'batch numbers' anyway and if the odd
'missing number' in a sequence is still a problem, then there are various notes
around on 'auditable sequences' which don't need lots of generators.

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