Subject Re: [firebird-support] Hundreds of Generators
Author Ann W. Harrison
Bhavbhuti Nathwani wrote:
> I will work out something where I can delete
> the older generators, say 7 years down the line.

It really doesn't matter if you delete them or not - unless you
want to reuse the names. The space required for a record in
RDB$GENERATORS is insignificant. To be more clear than I was at
first, deleting the generator doesn't allow the 64 bit slot to be
reused nor can the generator id be reused, since the id is an
index into the array of generators that locates 64 bit counter.
So, over the life of a database (until backup/restore) you get
to define 32K generators.

> One thing you mention
> about the 16bits being in use till backup-restore is performed. Does it
> mean just deleting a generator does not mean the ceiling will not be hit.

Right. Deleting a generator does not give you more generators.
> I mean I can create new one and delete old ones, over a period number of
> generators will settle to say a couple thousand, but in reality I will be
> using few thousand generators, but just the names don't appear because they
> are deleted?

Yes. All that goes away when you delete a generator is the name of
the generator.