Subject Re: change user to DB
Author ciccios78
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> Morning again,
> i try to explain the situation (and sorry for my bad english).
> Your English needs no apology. I unfortunately, do not speak any other
> language - I'm ashamed to say.
isn't a problem if we can understand.
> The SYSDBA password, and indeed, the passwords of any user, are defined
> in the security database that is installed with Firebird, so if you have
> 10 users on server_a, and you copy the databases to server_b, you will
> NOT have those 10 users on server_b.
it's all right, but if i a Server_a with SYSDBA user with password Mickey and on server_b SYSDBA user with password Donald the user have access to db because is the same. I want grant access only at one user without SYSDBA user.

> To change your own user's password, use the "gsec" utility
> or download the pdf versions
> from - you will
> find all the details in there.
> Cheers,
> Norman.

in the time i try the doc, thanks again :)