Subject Re: Firebird 2.1.4 questions
Author hvlad
> At some point in january (or close by) we changed some settings regarding GC.

Which settings ?

> This was done because we had problems with our Firebird 2.1.3 freezing every other day.
> The problem actually went away. For 5-6 weeks. The problem is still there, but not so often anymore. But as before everything freezes, cpu is 0% and only around half of the installed 12 Gb RAM is in use.
> No one can connect (not even SYSDBA in any way), those connected can not do anyting.

Could you provide coredump of such freezed process(es) ?
And copy of lock-table.

> Eventhough the problem has been less than before, its still there.
> It can happen with few connections, a lot of connections, no special attivity or a lot of attivity.

Are you use EVENTs ?

> As of now we would like to try a snapshot build of Firebird 2.1.4. Just to do something.
> If we install Firebird 2.1.4, and find troubles of other kind, can we then just downgrade to Firebird 2.1.3? Or upgrade to another (newer) snapshot if some is available?

Yes, of course.