Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak restore without -service switch very slow for db with lots o blobs
Author Michael Ludwig
Michael Ludwig schrieb am 26.04.2010 um 22:41:43 (+0200):

> Stefan Sinne schrieb am 20.04.2010 um 17:39:44 (+0200):

> > I have a database of about 23 GB with just one table, storing around
> > 13.000 documents in a blob field.

> > /opt/firebird_21_CS/bin/gbak -c -v -p 4096 -user [...]
> I'm unable to answer your question, but given that you mostly store
> clunky data items in BLOB columns, wouldn't your database benefit from
> raising the page size to the maximum value of 16384?

Just read up about BLOB segments and BLOB segment size (Borrie 2004,
p.183-4), and now it seems to me that the page size as reported by GSTAT
is irrelevant for BLOB storage and processing.

Michael Ludwig