Subject Re: [firebird-support] Switching between SS and embededd for the same DB
Author Helen Borrie
>Zd wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> Just a short question: Normally multiple users are connecting to the same DB with a SuperServer Firebird instance.
>> In order to update the database, my updater program stops the Firebird service, and connects using fbembed.dll to make the required DB updates.
>> Then the Firebird service is restarted and multiple users come in to the picture again.
>> Can this approach cause any problems? Is it safe to switch between SS and embedded for connecting to the same database file?

At 04:27 AM 26/04/2010, Ann W. Harrison wrote:

>It should work fine, but why? Concurrency control for multi-user
>read/write databases has been around for more than 30 years - it's
>pretty reliable.

Ann, it seems like a practicable way for the updater program to get exclusive access for metadata updates.