Subject Re: Backup database in Embedded server
Author hvlad
> I need a help. I'm using firebird 2.1.3 embedded version. Gbak worked well when I tried with FB super server/Classic server versions. But It shows errors while I'm trying use in Embedded version.
> Commands is as like as follows
> "GBAK -v -t -user SYSDBA -password [mypassword] "D:\Temp.Fdb" "D:\TempBack.bak"
> Will GBak work only with Servers which are running as services?

gbak, as any other tool loads fbclient.dll, not fbembed.dll.

> How to solve this problem? Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

a) rename fbembed.dll into fbclient.dll, but don't forget that until v2.5 it is impossible to share same database between more than one process using Embedded, or

b) use service API in your application to perform backup