Subject Re: [firebird-support] FileSystemCache on 64bit OS dilemma
Author Mark Rotteveel
> Hi.
> I run firebird 2.1.3 64 superserver win server 2008. I have 4gigs of ram.
> I run a single database wich is update a lot, so i had to deactivate
> autosweep, and do it via task manager in offline hours.
> The problem is, its a 3gigs database, and sweep causes FileSystemCache to
> kick in, and consume 3.5 gigs of RAM.
> In Firebird 2.5 there is config paramter to control this but it's still
> RC.
> In 2.1 I can either:
> 1. switch to classic
> 2. disable filesystemcache
> What are the experiences with disabling filesystemcache, pros and cons?

Why is that a problem? Windows will release parts of the filesystem cache if other processes require more memory. As long as there is no memory requirement, Windows will aim to allocate the remaining memory as cache.

In my opinion that is not a burden, and you should not be overly concerned with it.

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