Subject Re: [firebird-support] slightly OT: 1.5.6 installer damages Win7 management
Author André Knappstein, Controlling
OK, thanks. Sorry then for re-posting something known.
I was mixing up release dates. I thought 1.5.6 was released before
Win7 and since everything works fine on Vista, I did not suspect it
could be known.

And the 1.5.6 installer obviously did *not* disable the installation
of the applet :)

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GB> Hi,

GB> This is a known problem.
GB> Search for "For Users of Windows Vista, Server2008 and 7" in the Release
GB> Notes.

GB> Gabor

GB> André Knappstein írta:
>> excuse me if this is slightly off-topic and there is a better list for
>> this.
>> I just found out and confirmed that some problems we have with damaged
>> Win7 installations have their root in the installer for FB 1.5.6. I
>> know that 1.5.6 is outdated, but we need to keep it for legacy
>> software in some places, hopefully until late summer, only.
>> I am aware that it is not efficient to fix this issue, but maybe this
>> information will help others.
>> After (fully) installing 1.5.6 on Win7 pro, 32-Bit, the system
>> management window will crash the windows explorer on whatever option
>> you are selecting (software, devices, firewall, network center... this
>> stuff).
>> Windows7 system management apparently canNOT open a subwindow in the
>> context of the parent system management window, when FB 1.5.6
>> installed a shortcut tool icon there.
>> You can either change the default view from "categories" to
>> "details/small icons" and then right-click+"open in new folder" to
>> work around this. Or you can uninstall Firebird 1.5.6 and re-install
>> it "naked" (without the tool icon in system management window).
>> ciao,
>> André

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