Subject Re: FB2.5 crash
Author hvlad
> So about the bug in FB2.1.4 you can download the demo project on

Thanks, i'll run it over weekend.

I can't comment right now AV and other errors i skipped here, but i not ignore it. It all will be investigated and hopefully fixed.

> also the problem look like that is still present in Firebird 2.5 !
> so i finally launch the validation on the copie of the database and i receive this time this error :
> Summary of validation errors
> Number of record level errors : 1
> Number of index page errors : 24
> Number of database page errors : 54
> :( :( :( :(
> i need to say that this bug become to destroy my life :(

I've read firebird.log you provided at should say that real errors only those that looks like :

Index 1 is corrupt on page 2547559 level 1. File: ..\..\..\src\jrd\validation.cpp, line: 1667

Index 1 is corrupt on page 2547559 level 1. File: ..\..\..\src\jrd\validation.cpp, line: 1657

All other errors is orphaned pages and orphaned record versions which have no effect on database. Its just a waste of space.

Index errors above was fixed recently (remember my build of 2.1.4 ?) but *after* FB 2.5 RC2. So, please, install current snapshot build of v2.5 and index errors should gone.