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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: DB Stats - Header Page

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> Page buffers -- I'll have to do some homework on that one.
> What should this setting be?


It is for caching database pages in RAM (the setting you see in stats is
per-database setting).

If you are running Classic Server then this value should be small like 75,
for SuperServer should be larger like 8000 (but not too large - it can eat
all RAM on your server).
If it is set to 0, then it uses value from Firebird.conf ...

# ----------------------------
# Number of cached database pages
# This sets the number of pages from any one database that can be held
# in cache at once. If you increase this value, the engine will
# allocate more pages to the cache for every database. By default, the
# SuperServer allocates 2048 pages for each database and the classic
# allocates 75 pages per client connection per database.
# Type: integer
#DefaultDbCachePages = 2048

To find the best value for your database / server, you have to do a little
calculating and experimenting.



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