Subject Re: [firebird-support] Question : Filesize limit & splitting file
Author Dom Scarlatti
At 10:49 PM 7/04/2010, you wrote:
>I have some small questions, from where i can not really find the answer too.

IB 6.0 Language Reference, CREATE DATABASE and ALTER DATABASE. Downloadable from IBPhoenix archives, links on Documentation Index page at Firebird web site.

>- Firebird will automatically split files when it hits the filesystem limit ? (Also with the embedded version ?)

Yes, if you already created a new secondary file in anticipation (see the above manual). Fb does not create secondary files automatically.

>- If it does not split automatically how can you create a multi file database in a correct & simple way

All your questions will be answered if you read it up.

>I will mainly be using latest firebird stable version on Windows (Server & Embedded). But it might happen there is a Linux/Unix install somewhere along the line

On most modern filesystems you don't need to have split databases. If you are still using Windows 98 (FAT32) or NT 4 (NTFS 1) then you probably do.