Subject Re: FB 2.1.4 (vlad) crached (frozen fb_inet_server.exe and index corrupted)
Author hvlad
> My server is again crached ! everthing on the server was frozen (all the fb_inet_server.exe was without any activity at all).

I don't understand - is it was crashed or it was frozen ? This is completely different beasts and i can't say something not knowing exactly what happens.

If it was crashed - how many processes was crashed ? Do you have crash dump ?

If it was frozen - explain what do you mean. All existing attachments was frozen and no new ones are accepted ? Something else ? Does all processes have zero CPU and IO usage ?

> no other choice than restart the server !

Does you restarted whole machine ? Are shutdown performed correctly or you finally reset the power ?

> also some index was corrupted.

If you killed some actively working process, no wonder. But lets detect what was really happens.

> this is a serious bug as it's appear regularly and especially we don't do anything extraordinary on our database !

Your database IS extraordinary already :) But it should not be corrupted of course.

> when all the connection froze the activity was :
> * FB 2.1.4 (vlad) classic server
> * Windows 2008 R2 dedicated to firebird, 32 go of memory (10Go free
> on the task manager).
> * the database is around 20GO, paze size 8ko
> * around 30 fb_inet_server connection. most of them doing only some select
> * some index update intensive Insert/update SQLs was just (really just) committed (with success, the api return ok) when the server crash. around 2000 row was updated on some table with lot of index in it

Again. Is it was a really server crash or something else ?

> * 28 hours before the crash, more than 12 000 000 row was deleted and inserted in somes tables with lot of index in it (same table as before).
> * one process was doing for more than severals hours a sweep of the database
> * in the firebird.log i have read :
> Sun Apr 04 06:20:59 2010
> BTR_remove: root page gc not allowed

This is very interesting. Can i see full firebird.log ?

> IE: the server crach at Sun Apr 04 07:50:20 2010
> * fb_lock_print -a gave me a file of 20mo, below just the header

And this file i also would like to see.


> * gfix run for more than one hours and gave me this result :
> Summary of validation errors
> Number of index page errors : 27

Without looking into firebird.log i can't say if it was really corruption or just orphan pages, for example.


PS BTW, is it first issue you encounter with my build ?