Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB 2.1.4 (vlad) crached (frozen fb_inet_server.exe and index corrupted)
Author Kjell Rilbe
svanderclock skriver:
> this problem is very (very) serious ! the stability of all the firebird
> is compromise.... how can we use a 24*24 database engine when every xx
> days the index could be corrupt ? it's around 10 times already that we
> have this BUG... this bug appear after we add some new table that are
> very select intensive and that have around 20 index in it.


While I appreciate that this problem is a total show stopper for you,
I'd personally and humbly, as a reader of this forum, suggest you keep
your voice down a bit until someone has been able to confirm that it is
actually a bug in FB.

You claim that it cannot be a bug in your code, since you communicate
via fbclient.dll. But wouldn't it be possible that your code passes some
invalid data into fbclient calls, which in turn might cause the FB
process to run havoc? Or possibly there's some faulty hardware in your
system? Or some other process running on your system that e.g. locks the
databse file from time to time, disrupting FB:s updates? Just to mention
a few possible alternatives to FB being buggy in this case.

Anyway, it's not very productive to go shouting. Keep calm and go on
providing extra info to help narrow down where the problem lies, and
then find out how to resolve it.

Thank you,
Kjell Rilbe
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