Subject Re: [firebird-support] Page Faults
Author Mark Rotteveel
> I have just noticed at a client's site that Firebird (version
> has a ton of Page Faults showing in Task Manager.
> Looking up online as to what this is, the MS info said it was due to the
> process not being found in memory.
> I just stopped and restarted the process less than 30 minutes ago and it's
> already up to 986,233 page faults. When I first looked this morning, it
> was
> up over 16,000,000 page faults, the most in the task list and I had just
> rebooted the server last night and it's had very little activity
> overnight/since the reboot.
> Is this normal? FB is running on Windows 2003 Server - Standard Edition,
> Service Pack 2.

Page faults mean that the memory page of the process have to be retrieved from virtual memory. Most likely cause is overcommitting memory (that is: the computer does not have sufficient physical memory to fit all processes and therefor needs to swap to pagefile (virtual memory).

It could als mean that the system is configured to favour applications instead of background services. In that situation Windows is more likely to swap process page to disk if it is not a user program, but a service like Firebird.
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