Subject Re: [firebird-support] Keeping track of schema changes
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From: Harri Vartiainen <harriv@...>
Subject: [firebird-support] Keeping track of schema changes
> I'd like to keep track of schema version. Is it possible to detect
> schema changes, for example with triggers?
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Yes, you can; at the very least it worked for me for tracking changes to
procedures and triggers in fb 2.1. However, as I discovered when I did this,
triggers on system tables get dropped, silently, and you'll sometime later
discover that you're no longer tracking changes. Oops! (I think we decided it was
gbak backup/restore doing it, not nbackup backups?) I think the plan going
forward (starting with fb 3?) is that system tables won't be updateable anymore,
you won't be able to put triggers on them, but there will be some sort of "DDL
trigger" instead and improved DDL to handle all those things people want to do
today and can only do by directly modifying system tables.