Subject RE: [firebird-support] How many fdb files can be used
Author Leyne, Sean

> Is there a control over how many fdb files can be addressed by a single
> superserver 2.1.3 instance?
> When we add a third alias to an fdb file to the firebird setup you
> simply can not connect to the third and sometimes you cannot connect to
> any fdb file.

A single superserver engine can access an unlimited number of database files.

The server instance, however, needs to be appropriately configured with multiple databases in mind. For example the Page Cache config setting is per database. So, if you had the config set to cache 50,000 pages (at say 4KB per page) then 3 open database could use 600MB of RAM.

I think your problem is because you have multiple aliases for a single database/fdb file.

It is unusual for a database file to have multiple aliases, I don't think the team considered that possibility when building engine tests. Why do you have multiple aliases?

A database file can only be opened by 1 superserver engine process (the rules are different for Classic server instances).

It is possible that the engine is considering each alias name (eg. Alias_A, Alias_B, Alias_C) separately when trying to determine if the database is already open (and not the real the database filename).