Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Database replication - problem with uncommited transactions.
Author Alan McDonald
> Thanks for helping Alan.
> I have MULTIPLE destination databases and my central repository sends
> and receives data to and from every destination.
> I can't delete audit records after sending them. I could delete them
> only after every destination has received those records.
> When a destination receives a range of audit records, I save the first
> and last pkey of the range on a SENT_AUDIT_RANGES table, with an id of
> the destination database.
> If inside that range there were uncommited records(audit records get
> their primary key from a generator) during the sending transaction,
> those records will never be sent, since that range will be marked as
> sent.
> So, chronology is relevant because I should only send audit records
> previous to the first uncommited audit record.
> Francisco.

I have different records for each destination. You are obviously on a
differnet model/path. Hope the source helps - good luck