Subject Re: Live backup firebird database using LVM
Author Christian
In this case I'll prefer to do a LVM snapshot inside the OS and copy the database using rsync.
Due rsync differential algorithm and ssh protocol support, this process let me copy the database across a low bandwidth net at a very high speed and get in the target an operational database without needing a restore process.

As I understand from this thread, I must:

- use an OS and a Firebird version that support forced writes on (linux and FB > 2.1.3)
- have forced writes on.
- take the LVM snapshot inside the OS (not outside like virtual machines snapshots).

Thanks everybody

--- In, "Steffen Heil" <lists@...> wrote:
> Hi
> > A snapshot of a database that's suffering from caching by the operating
> system or disk controller will not be consistent either.
> Usually right, but LVM snapshots are software-based snapshots and will
> therefore not suffer from disk controller caching.
> Just make sure, forces writes are ON and WORKING.
> Even OS-caches should - from my POV - also not be a problem IF you take the
> LVM snapshots inside the OS that is caching - the OS should be knowing what
> it is doing.
> If you have virtualization and caches inside the guest and do LVM snapshots
> in the host, there is a good chance of problems, if forced writes are not
> working, which is much more problematic in virtualized environments.
> - LVM snapshots on linux are basically the same as volume shadow copies on
> Windows... Both should work.
> Regards,
> Steffen
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