Subject Re: Error: service service_mgr does not have an associated executable
Author hvlad
> > What is Firebird version\architecture\platform do you use ?
> > Could you confirm value of isc_action_svc_get_ib_log is 12 ?
> Confirmed on a previous email, it is 12.
> I don't have any details on platform as I got this message from a user
> report.

I've talk with Alex and he remembers me that in Posix CS not all services was
implemented as threads before FB 2.5. So, services which have corresponding
command line utilities (such as gbak, gfix, etc) works, while other - don't
work and raise isc_svcnoexe error.

I.e. on posix "Get Log File" service works only with SS (before FB 2.5)
In FB 2.5 all services works in any platform\architecture.