Subject Re: firebird freeze all connections (again)
Author hvlad
Stephane, why you ignore my messages ?

> sorry to come back all the time with this problem, but it's look like a serious bug in firebird (and for my life too) and still now i have no idea of how to resolve it !
> 1/ Firebird 2.1.3 classic server

You can try this snapshot of 2.1.4 with patch for index corruptions :

> 2/ Windows 2008 R2 64 bit + 32 go of memory
> 3/ 8 Processors
> 4/ default page buffer 2048

Too much for Classic

> 5/ around 100 - 500 simultaneous connexion
> 6/ in the firebird.log only some row like
> SERVER123 Sat Mar 06 15:05:21 2010
> INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054

Some application did not closed TCP connection gracefully. One of the reason - crash of application. Another one is broken network connection.

> 7/ 99.99% transaction was read only when it's crash today

Follow instructions at;PAGES;NAME=%27ibp_pdb_win32%27

to produce crash dump for us.

> 8/ in the taskmanager, 22 GO of memory used and 10 GO free
> every 2 - 3 days our server crash in the way that it's simply impossible to connect to the main database (even with ISQL). in isql for exemple, after the instruction connect database ... the command prompt is freeze. if we try to connect to another database it's ok.

I see no crash in this case. If Classic listener process is frozen you can kill it using drWatson (see instructions above) and produce crash dump for us.

> It look like also than when we reduce the number of page buffer then the crash is not so often (for exemple with a page buffer of 75)
> as i know, every page need to be "lock", so more page buffer mean more lock and in classic server they are multiply by the number of client, so around 2048 page buffer * 500 connections = 1 000 000 page to lock... is it possible that it's was a lock problem ??

Output of fb_lock_print -h could help to answer

> any other idea ? or what to do to avoid such problem ?
> do you thing i can try to install FB2.5 in our production server (it's can not be more bad that what is it now)

First, follow suggestions above