Subject Re:Encryption and changing laws
Author Aage Johansen
Ed Dressel wrote:
I build an app with an embedded FB DB. The laws in the finance world
are changing where the data stored in the database needs to be
encrypted. I have done that to a certain level, where data written to
identifying (e.g. first name, last name, etc) fields is
decrypted/encrypted before reading/writing to the database.
But some potential users want a database level encryption. (I believe
they should go out and get encrypted hard drives, and I recommend
that to them, but they still push back on me, and it is my sale).
Is DB encryption in FB's foreseeable future?

I see this requirement, too. :-(
Did you ask your customers what kind of threats (internal, external) they see?
We now use encrypted disks, and have also started encryption of
identifying information.
I've been looking at the encryption features of Interbase (which
seems not to be far removed from Sybase). Problems are reduction in
functionality, and administration of keys and passwords.
We'll probably move to storing identifying info in a separate
database, possibly on a separate server. If we have to move away
from Firebird, well, I may look forward to retirement since such a
move will require a major rewrite of just about everything - not
gaining anything much.

Aage J.