Subject Re: commit after insert is very slow
Author svanderclock
> But there is no point to have 100 000 rows in resut set if you need
> only 200 of them. Why you can't add condition for price? Anyway you'll
> never show houses with low prices with this query... Say, if all 200
> results fit to $5000000 limit, you easily can add "price > 5000000" and
> get small result set which is sorted instantly.

yes i can add manually price > 500000 but you imagine the horror to manage such code that will finnally for 100% result in bug one days. for exemple price of house in center russia a not the same as price of house in new york, etc... no impossible to manage (because we will need to do the same for the rent, the room, the date, etc..). my solution work in most of the case without any "manual customization" ... just the speed of the commit and the bug of corruption of the database that destroy everything