Subject Re: commit after insert is very slow
Author svanderclock
OFF COURSE (sorry if i say it a little loudly) ... if i leave firebird choose himself the plan i can go in vacancy before to see the result of the query :(

but i can not complain to much on the optimizer on this point because how to know if it better to read the rows in the order of the order by clause and manually filter them or to read it in the filter order via the index and mannually order by them after... for that you will need to know the number of row returned by the filter BEFORE executing it and the optimizer don't have (yet) such tool


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> > yes i know, and what you do with order by ? when you do a query, with index to choose to use in the plan ? the index on the order by or the index on the filter? to know that you must know BEFORE to do the query the amount of row the filter will return to you !
> So you are telling that you ALWAYS choose the index with a "PLAN" statment and never let the FB engine do it for you?