Subject Re: Some doubts about database shutdown and client disconnection
Author stefan_ssssmart
Please forget about the last doubt, I made a mistake, accessing a CS with SS gfix (shame on me). CS shutdown works exactly the same as SS shutdown, at least for v2.1.3.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

--- In, "stefan_ssssmart" <stefan@...> wrote:
> And finally: When forcing a shutdown of a database on a ClassicServer
> installation (v2.1.3),
> all already established connections keep working without problems.
> Shouldn't this behaviour be documented in the user manual
> 'Firebird'sgfix Database Housekeeping tool', section 'Database Startup
> andShutdown'?
> There is written that 'No new connections or
> transactions are permitted and any active sessions are terminated along
> with any active transactions'
> without telling that the second half only applies to SuperServer.
> Well, I just read this section when making my tests, perhaps it is
> documented on another page?
> Thanks,
> Stefan
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