Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: The age old 'count' issue...
Author Alan McDonald
> > use a table count table. It requires occasional housekeeping.
> > Tablename, record count fields in a table.
> > Update them with select count(*) for each table.
> > Use triggers to insert -1 on delete with table name and +1 on insert
> with
> > table name.
> > select sum(tcount) where tablename='name' for a fast count.
> > Then fire off occasional housekeeping at low use time schedule to
> delete all
> > records where tablename= and replace with select count(*)'s again.
> > Alan
> >
> The problem this way is, AFAIK, he will cannot use this for his actual
> purpose like he said in first message. That is, for a filtered search.
> Ex. I wanna all data from sales table but only for citys that begin
> with 'New' (NY, New Jersey, New Orleans, etc... just a example). The
> "table count" table will not help this...

just add fields for each filter and apply the same logic for each filter
during insert and delete.