Subject Re: how to connect firebird to apple iphone
Author Mauricio

That would be me. Thanks to Alexandre Benson for calling my attention to this discussion. I'm an infrequent visitor to this forum.

Morfik is a Web development tool, designed to create Ajax applications. When the iPhone first came out, Steve Jobs pitched that the only way to create applications for it was to create web applications.

Morfik moved to support this and Morfik Ajax applications work quite well in the iPhone's mobile Safari and it is quite easy to create them.

Morfik is not a native iPhone development platform and therefore the firebird mentioned is running on a web server or a database server behind a web server, not on the phone itself.

As it was mentioned here, I was involved with Morfik and still maintain a blog about the product. You can get official information directly from them, however, as I'm not affiliated with the company.

I hope this helped...



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