Subject Re: [firebird-support] Windows 2008, cached memory, FB 2
Author Daniel Rail

At February-15-10, 3:39 AM, svanderclock wrote:

> hello,

> I notice that in windows 2008, the cache memory can use up to 100%
> of all the physiqual memory available (especially when the database
> size is more bigger than the available memory) ! This, especially on
> classic version of firebird, look to make some trouble when the
> number of connection need to grow suddenly and of course need more memory suddenly ...

> i receive strange error, strange bug, 100% memory usage, connection
> error, etc... i m also not sure that these error are connected to
> the memory probleme, i just guess ...

> IS someone have already encountered such problem ?

What is the setting for the page cache for the database? And, is it
occurring when running the same query? If it's yes to the second
question, what is the query's plan?

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