Subject Re: Account security for running reports
Author peponloqui
Make a Stored Procedure, and GRANT execution permission to the role or user.

what version of crystal report ?

--- In, Myles Wakeham <myles@...> wrote:
> I posted to the Firebird-tools list a more detailed question
> specifically regarding setting up a 'reporting user' account on Firebird
> for Crystal Reports, only to later work out that the problem I am
> encountering is more of a general security/grant issue with FB, so I
> think the more appropriate place to post the question is here.
> I need to create a user account with FB 1.5 super server that can run
> reports in a 'read/only' state. I'm using IBExpert to administer
> privileges however I can also do this through generic SQL.
> I have created a 'reports' user account, but no matter what I seem to do
> with privileges, I'm getting an error with 3rd party reporting tools
> stating that they cannot see the tables. However they run the reports
> created for this user just fine, and show the data correctly. It would
> seem that the errors I am getting has something to do with the inability
> of any 3rd party reporting program through the Firebird ODBC driver v2
> (the open source one) to read the schema of the database for the
> reporting user. Yet if I run the report as SYSDBA on the database, it
> works without issue.
> What is the statement I should be using to grant privileges to an
> account for the database, so that the account can fully see the metadata
> of the database, yet has read/only access to the tables in the database?
> Is there a particular trick required to set this up so that ODBC users
> can run reports with 3rd party reporting tools without a bunch of error
> dialogs popping up all the time?
> Thanks in advance for any comments, suggestions or sharing of your
> experiences in doing this sort of thing.
> Myles
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