Subject Re: [firebird-support] very slow commit
Author Milan TomeŇ° - Position
Dne 09.02.2010 18:02, Ann W. Harrison napsal(a):
> Milan TomeŇ° - Position wrote:
>> Dne 09.02.2010 13:26, svanderclock napsal(a):
>>> I update one row in 10 tables with a lot of index. (around 300 index
>>> to update) to insert or Update the data it is very fast (around 100ms)
>>> but, when i commit the SQL, it is very slow (around 3 to 6 seconds!).
>>> i see also that my hardrive is use a lot in the commit.
>> You can do these steps:
>> 1. Before a bulk load of a lot of records it's recommended to deactivate
>> indexes and activate them after loading is done
> Err... That's going to increase the commit time. Activation recreates
> the whole index, so if you have an index with 10,000 records and store
> another 5,000 records, you'll be indexing 15,000 records. And, during
> your load, queries on the table that could have been indexed will be
> full table scans.

I know, that reactivating recreates whole index. Thats the reason why I
wrote "bulk load of a lot of records".