Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird & MS SQL on same server
Author Hannes Streicher
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> We have some Firebird databases which we have been running on a
> Linux server (databases ~ 500GB, 50 or so users, Firebird 2.1 Classic)

> Recently we have bought some applications that require MS SQL 2008,
> which we have running on an Windows 2008 Server.

> We are thinking of moving Firebird to the Windows server as is a
> newer, much more powerful machine with virtually no processing load (its our domain controller).

> Are there any known issues with running both on the same machine?

> I spotted comments about the need to explicitely define ISQL.exe if
> used (we dont), the only other coments we have found are performance comparisons.

> Thanks in advance

i have MSSQL 2005 and FB 2.1.3 running on the same machine without

a friend has MSSQL 2000 and FB 2.1.3 running also no problem ,

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