Subject Re: FB 2.1.3 - cannot order VIEW rows
Author tomkrej
Hi Helen, thank You for Your replay, but I think it's not a problem I describe. If this error is caused by identifiers, how can You explain the fact, that when I join SUB_TABLE1 as LEFT JOIN it works as I want.

I have no errors, no exceptions, the VIEW is createt properly, the thing that don't work is ORDERing of that VIEW.

when I select "select * from view_main where id_cten = 345" everything is OK

but "select * from view_main where id_cten = 345 order by SOME_FIELD" returns the set of records ordered same as in first case, independend on what SOME_FIELD I choose.

I don't think so this rely to aliasing of tables (about what I know because I read RN).