Subject Re: [firebird-support] Fwd: Visual C++ Runtime Library Error!
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:10 PM 2/02/2010, you wrote:
>Any idea for this issue?


>Since some time ago we are having FBserver hangups with an Application Popup
>window reporting "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library: Runtime Error!"
>Our installation is a FB server as Superserver
>Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2
>2 GB of RAM
>Plenty of space in HD.
>Page of 40960
>Up to 400 connected simultaneously.

Sure. The obvious ones are.-

1. Go to the Firebird website Documentation area and grab the Migration and Installation document. In there, the issues concerning the MSVC runtimes are discussed in great detail in the Windows installation section.

The earlier versions of this installation document, such as what you may have now, because you are running a very old 2.1 server release, do not make the runtime issues so obvious. In fact, AFAIR, at the 2.1.1 stage, I had not even updated the v.2.0 notes about the runtimes so the info there is actually wrong.

In short, you *must* pay attention to the assemblies and Fb servers and clients must use the correction versions of the MSVC8 runtimes, i.e., they must access the generic, lowest-common-denominator versions that MS distributes in its vcredist_32 or vcredist_64 pack. Those versions should be present in your Firebird installation (in the \bin directory, I think); if not, you can download them.

2. Whilst you are in the documentation index, you might like to inspect the Bug Fixes document. It might astonish you how many bugs have been fixed in v.2.1 since July 2008 when v.2.1.1 was released.

3. If you are seeing a *dialog box* on the host machine for a runtime error related to Firebird server then you are apparently running Firebird as an application on a platform designed to run services. OTOH, if you *are* running Firebird as a service, and you are sure the runtime error pertains to Firebird, then you have a runtime problem with the client library. Clients *do* run in user space.

4. The reason why Microsoft releases service packs is to ensure that you get up to date with *Windows* bug fixes, especially any that you have missed in Windows updates since the previous service pack. SP2 is very old - almost three years (13 March 2007).

5. Get into the habit of checking the firebird.log when you encounter problems. When the server gets a problem, fbserver and fbguard (if it is running) try very hard to deliver clues before it dies.