Subject Re: Firebird hanging
Author mivi71dk
Its now been 10 days sinse we switched the way GC works.
And the DB has been up and running ever sinse.

This is the longest period of time sinse early december.

If this continues its just great.
Butu doesn't that mean, that Firebird has a problem/bug somewhere regarding this?


--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 10:41 PM 22/01/2010, mivi71dk wrote:
> >Yes - Disabled 3 cores in BIOS.
> In fact, on Linux, it's well established that the OS does not subject the SS process to the "see-saw" swinging that Windows does. Although SMP is not supported on Linux, the SS process stays with the CPU that it began on.
> CPUAffinity works only for Windows, btw. The Linux OS could assign your SS process to any *one* cpu.
> >Besides - SS should work anyway.
> And, as you have said more than once, it does...except on this one host machine.
> >> Do you have the TCP connections set to limit?
> >This you asked earlier on.
> >We do not.
> >And when it hangs, we can still use i.e.e putty to connect to the linux server.
> >Putty is a client for a different protocol.
> >> There's no garbage collection going on at these hanging times?
> >No
> >Sweep is disabled. Its runs manually every night
> That doesn't answer the question. Garbage collection goes on all the time. Sweep is a different process.
> Try to understand what garbage collection is on SS and the effects of the GCPolicy configuration that was introduced in v.2.1. Read about it in the v.2.1 release a search on the PDF, as it is mentioned in more than one place.
> >We have had this problem in 2.1.1, 2.1.2 and now 2.1.3.
> >
> >But the server do not crash. It just stops.
> >A crash would be nice because this would give users an error message.
> >As of now they just hang.
> If you have this server's GCPolicy set to the default 'mixed' this may well be the source of your problem. Try setting it to 'background' (the traditional GC method for SS) and see if that fixes it. Don't forget to shut down and restart the server after changing it.
> ./heLen