Subject Re: [firebird-support] SSD and "hotspots"?
Author Kjell Rilbe
Leyne, Sean skriver:
Thanks for info/comments re. hotspots and RAID with SSD! Just a little

> > I would assume that since forced writes cause quite a lot of disk
> > seeks for
> > every commit, an SSD would provide a good performance boost.
> > Especially a disk like Intel X25, and especially if we put them in a
> > RAID 1+0 or
> > RAID 5 config. Comments?
> Finally, a RAID 5 array made up of 4 x 2TB 7200rpm 6gbps SAS drives
> **smokes** a single SSD (280MB/s reads and 320MB/s writes @ 8KB and Q=4).

Yes, but what about seeks? if you have a lot of forced write
transactions the disk will do an awful lot of seeking... An SSD will
not. There won't be a lot of sequential I/O for a DB, will there?

Also, for my dev machine, for disks would make too much noise... :-)

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