Subject Re: Need to optimize this query for my benchmark tools against Firebird / Mysql / Sqlite3
Author Thomas
-- In, Vander Clock Stephane > I completely agree ! actually i face the need to split my database in 2
> database engines just because i need RTree indexes ...
> PostgresSQL is probably right (i not try it yet), but it's a very heavy
> system, it's hard like oracle without the power of oracle !

This is getting off-topic now, but PostgreSQL is definitely not as "hard" or "heavy" as Oracle.

Having 2 DBMS for a single application surely does not make sense.

So you'll need to make a decision and take the DBMS that covers most of your needs. You'll probably never find a one that supports all features you need.

If you need a small, fast, embeddable DBMS that supports spacial data and you don't really need good support for multi-user concurrency, then go for SQLite.

If you need a small, fast embeddable DBMS that scales with concurrency in a multi-user environment but you can live without special support, then go for Firebird.

If you need a fast and powerful DBMS that supports concurrent multi-user access including spacial support but you can live without embedding it, then go for PostgreSQL with the PostGIS extension