Subject RE: [firebird-support] What good SSD to chose for Firebird
Author Leyne, Sean
> Someone can gave me the name of a good SSD to use with Firebird ?
> we have 2 databases in 2 differents servers (so we need 2 ssd)
> 1 around 250 GB
> 1 around 10 GB

A couple of comments:

Most SSDs are designed for desktop usage patterns -- very few are designed with server based usage (high numbers of IO over lifetime) in mind

A traditional RAID5 spinning disk array using a good controller with cache and BBU (Adaptec 5405z) will outperform 1 or 2 SSDs all the time (I have personally tested the scenario and have the numbers) and would be *much* cheaper on $$/GB basis. (4 x 1TB HDD + controller = $1,250 USD)

The smaller SSDs are usually have slower performance -- so, don't get a unit smaller than 64GB (excepted for the Intel X-25E -- they smoke!).

There is a *significant* premium for capacity above 256GB and they are not common.

There are 2 types of interfaces for SSDs -- SATA/SAS disk and PCIe. The PCIe devices (FusionIO, OCZ Z-drive, LSI WarpDrive SLP-300...) are expansion cards and offer *blazing* speeds -- but at a price premium.

Personally, I have a Crucial 256GB RealSSD C300 SSD in my workstation and have used Intel X-25M and X-25E units. I would only recommend the Crucial and the Intel X25-E units for production/server usage.