Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Need to optimize this query for my benchmark tools against Firebird / Mysql / Sqlite3
Author Vander Clock Stephane
> Hello Ann
> PostGIS and OpenGIS are very complete solutions for spatial data.
> In an abstract way, queries for spatial data are multi dimensional
> range queries for areas or points. And R*Tree indexes are well suited
> for such queries.
> And multi dimensional range queries are very common on search
> platforms, e.g searching for a 3 to 5 year old car with a kilometer
> reading of 50'000km to 100'000km.
> So I vote for an additional index kind!
> To be open for the future, R*Tree indexes could be implemented
> as a variant of generalized search trees (GiST).
> Is this a feature that can be discussed in Firebird architect list?
> Christian

I completely agree ! actually i face the need to split my database in 2
database engines just because i need RTree indexes ...
PostgresSQL is probably right (i not try it yet), but it's a very heavy
system, it's hard like oracle without the power of oracle !

so this feature in Firebird could be defintivelly be a greatest features !

and also i thing we can easily found some users to sponsor such

to finish, when i see how sqlite3 implemente their rtree index (only
with additionnal table), and with few hundreds of lines of code it's not
look like a "titan" project ...


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