Subject Re: [firebird-support] info about firebird.msg
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:51 PM 21/12/2010, PenWin wrote:
>Set a FIREBIRD variable to 2.1 directory, THEN run 2.1 GSTAT on a 2.1
>database: Proper messages all the way.
>Actually, I am quite baffled why this happens: I would understand it if
>the server only sent a message code and parameters and client
>application located the message in firebird.msg, but apparently that is
>not the case - because if it were, most of my clients would not display
>any messages at all because they only have the fbclient.dll available,
>no other Firebird part. On the other hand, if server is doing the
>lookups in firebird.msg, I just don't see why it doesn't use the
>firebird.msg file in its directory (after all, unlike the clients it
>knows which directory it is).

If you are running multiple servers on Windows, *get rid of* the FIREBIRD variable and the whole Firebird entry in the Registry. Then, the only places either server will look is in its own root directory, i.e., the one that contains firebird.msg, security[2].fdb, etc., and has \bin, \intl, \udf, etc. hanging off it or, failing that, at the RootDirectory parameter in firebird.conf.

If you have the conventional layout, it shouldn't be necessary to set RootDirectory explicitly, but it won't hurt, either.

Clients get their message texts from the server, in the Error status code array; *except*, if you are running gbak, etc., as a remote client, there are some messages that the client must have in the remote copy of firebird.msg.