Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Need to optimize this query for my benchmark tools against Firebird / Mysql / Sqlite3
Author Vander Clock Stephane
> The implementation of R*Tree of SQLite3 is based on some additional
> tables and some functions to create, modify and query the tree.
> I think it could be a nice exercise to implement R*Tree (for example
> for 3 dimensions) with stored procedures and triggers in Firebird.
> The documentation if SQLite3 shows the way and mentions the papers the
> R*Tree is based on.
> A query could look like this:
> select RT.RESULTID from RTREE_INDEX_MYNAME( X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Z1, Z2 ) RT
> If the performance is good, it would be great to have a script
> generator to choose the number of dimensions, the type of the
> "coordinates", and the name of the index.
> Or maybe some one has already done this and can contribute to Firebird?

humm, i know it's chrismas, but if we can do it like this it's will be
wonderfull :)
but i have no idea how look like the "additional" table :(


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