Subject Re: [firebird-support] Need to optimize this query for my benchmark tools against Firebird / Mysql / Sqlite3
Author Vander Clock Stephane
> Stephane,
> > I have done a benchmark tool to compare Mysql / Firebird / SqlIte3
> Respectfully, you seem to believe that SQlLite is the "benchmark" by
> which Firebird should be measured.
> But from your own postings I understand that SQLLite has a number of
> significant issues in a multi-user/simultaneous operation environment.
> It is COMPLETELY inappropriate to compare them.

yes, but not really when we speak about firebird embded for exemple,
where the use could be similare.
sqllite is not a client server database engine.

> If you want SQLLite performance use it! If you want
> scalable/multi-user/simultaneous operations use Firebird - but don't
> "whine" about performance when significant issues like multi-user
> operations are not supported by SQLLite -- you could get FANTASTIC
> performance from simple key/value databases but that doesn't mean that
> you would want to use it in place of Firebird.
i agree ...

> Sean
> P.S. As for MySQL, depending on the storage engine used, it is also an
> inappropriate candidate for comparison with Firebird -- the basic ISAM
> storage doesn't support transactions.

right for myisam ... but innodb handle transaction ?

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